Blood Testing

DABCI Michael Cessna, DC, NMD  Blood has utilized blood testing since the 1960s to establish a base line for nutritional therapy and to show patients what progress has been made through retest.  Recently, Chief Labs and Wellness CE have teamed up to offer practitioners, who have taken Session 6 and 7 on blood chemistries, the lowest blood pricing available. Chief Labs gives practitioners many purchasing options.  Chief Labs allows all practitioners to order at a discounted price and send their clients to a convenient blood draw site. Chief Labs also allows your clients to purchase directly using a discount code or coupon code you provide to them. Chief Labs allows NPI practitioners to set up an account permitting state licensed NPI practitioners to collect specimens for testing within their own clinic. Additionally, Chief Labs offers an option for you as practitioners to become affiliates. Please contact Chief Labs to figure out which option works best for your practice.

Many practitioners do not know that in 95% of states in the USA a client can directly purchase blood tests from Chief Labs without a physician’s order. Usually, the practitioner and the client believe that a physician’s order is necessary. This is simply not true. In fact, those using a Health Savings Account (HSA) card or credit card can purchase blood panels and labs directly from Chief Labs. Chief Labs, however, does not bill insurance as they offer a much lower cash discounted price to the public.

Additionally, practitioners (or simply those who have taken session six and seven) will soon be able to order the computerized blood nutrition report that “The Originator” first developed in the late 1970’s and continues to improve on to this day. This will assist you in building a streamlined nutritional practice utilizing methods that have been successful in many nutritional practices over the last 35 years.

Chief Labs can build a custom panel for you to market to your clients or you can order from some of the most popular panels that are being taught by other seminar programs today. Just ask Chief Labs if they have the panel you are looking for and if not they will happily create it for you.

As a practitioner, you may also customize your own blood panel and ask Chief Labs to name it so your clients can find it on the Chief Labs website for ordering purposes. Chief Labs is open to any idea you have and they also offer marketing tips used by some of the most successful nutritional practices in the country today.

Chief Labs offers the most competitively priced blood testing menu on the market. They offer a wide variety of testing options, from a CBC to a full comprehensive panel with a full thyroid panel. If you do not see a test on the Chief Labs menu just ask a Chief Labs associate for a price quote and Chief Labs will get right back to you and add it to their growing menu. The team at Chief Labs looks forward to servicing your practice.