Blood Software

Blood Software interpretation program by “The Originator” R. Michael Cessna, D.C., N.M.D., D.A.B.C.I.

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This program provides the most comprehensive scientifically documented computer interpreted laboratory package available. The program calculates data from over 70 blood tests including a standard multi-channel 24 blood profile, CBC with differential, thyroid survey (T3,T4,T7), HDL risk factor computation, coagulation time and hemoglobin A1-C; ESR and magnesium then, interprets and prints the analysis in minutes, providing you with an in-depth laboratory evaluation immediately, instead of hours. Further, it will calculate your clinical laboratory blood value range to the Blood program range, calculates the nutritional therapy dependent on the patient’s body weight, and finally, gives both Generic and Nutritional Vendor selections.


Indeed, the technological advances today are coming fast and furious, don’t let them pass you by. Now is the time to ride the wave of the future – the future is here! Superb technical skills coupled with a precise sense of organization is the key ingredient for success in todays fast changing health service industry. However, to try to keep up is time consuming, and time is money! Computer Assisted Diagnostic Software is the answer for quick superb mistake-free assessments that are generated in seconds. Look at the advantages:

* Programs are easy to operate

* Your support staff enters the data

* Frees your time to serve more patients in less time

* Data is stored and retrieved electronically

* Provides you with accurate hard copy data

* Quickly organizes the pertinent diagnostic criteria

* Specifies prompts for additional testing

* Addresses therapeutic options

* Reduces time for third-party report preparation

To practice today without computer assisted diagnostic software, is analogous to a contractor who still digs ditches with a shovel rather than a back hoe! Now is the time to go “First Class!”


View Sample Blood Report (PDF)